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    Sir Black Fox personally goes through this list every three months and checks every faire listing. If the faire has outdated information or the website is dead, you won't find it here. NO OTHER online resource or magazine is this attentive so you KNOW the information that you get from Faire Magazine is at least as recent as the day we offer said issue for download.
    That being said, we hold no responsibility for faires, festivals and websites to change the information after we make this issue available. If they add/change or delete their listing online. . . well. . .it was probably not worth a visit anyway!
    We do not list pirate festivals (see our sister publication The Pyrates Way), Steampunk (see our sister publication The Concordium Magazine), Majik, Fae, Viking, Barbarian, or Celtic festivals. These are basic RenFaire or Medieval Festivals only.

3 - 5     RENSTOCK III, Warwick, MD
4 - 12     Nebraska Renaissance Faire
4 - 19     Renaissance Pleasure Faire, CA
4 - 26     TN Renaissance Festival
4 - 26     GA Renaissance Festival
11 - 26     VA Renaissance Faire
11 - 26     Koroneburg Old World Festival, CA
15 - 16     Scottish Renaissance Festival, CA
18 - 19     Dubuque Renaissance Faire, IA
18 - 26     St. Louis Renaissance Faire
18 - 27     Mayfaire Renaissance Faire, MI
25 - 27     Iowa Renaissance Festival
31     The Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire, SC

1     The Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire, SC
1 - 2     GA Renaissance Festival
1 - 9     St. Louis Renaissance Faire
1 - 9     3 Barons Fair, AK
1 - 9     Valhalla Renaissance Faire, CA
1 - 9     VA Renaissance Faire
1 - 9     St. Louis Renaissance Faire
1 - 16     Koroneburg Old World Festival, CA
1 - 30     KY Highland Renaissance Festival
15 - 16     Ye Olde Renaissance Faire, ID
15 - 16     Silver Kingdom’s Renaissance Festival, MA
15 - 30     Colorado Renaissance Festival
22 - 30     Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire
29 - 30     Ye Merrie Greenwood Faire

6 - 7     KY Highland Renaissance Festival
6 - 28     Great Lakes Medieval Faire, OH
12 - 14     Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire, AZ
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