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G R E E N .

One only need look at the headlines on television and on the internet to quickly realize that businesses who go "green" are not just jumping on the latest fad. Less than just some passing trend, cutting back on the use of natural resources to create product has become a quality in which both consumers and other businesses consider in their day-to-day transactions. Using recycled materials is a way to bring new life to old product and producing a printed piece of literature, such as Faire Magazine in a digital format is another. We plan to do both as we reboot the only magazine ever directed totally at Renaissance Festivals, Faires, Vendors, Merchants, Entertainers, Castmembers, Guilds, and Rennies everywhere.

We're still fellow Rennies m'friend we will still give you everything that we've given you in the past plus much more, we're just going to provide it with a bit more of social responsibility to our environment and our fellow man. In doing this we're setting new goals and raising the bar for our sister Renaissance magazines, hoping that they, too, will join us in this effort to both sustain business success while removing our carbon footprint as best we can.

The idea of taking Faire Magazine green came from both friends and readers who were starting to read more books and magazines on their digital readers than in the traditional form. Our response, up till now, was a counter-question: "What could we do with a digital version of the magazine vs. just improving our website?" It came down to one big reason, for which is why Faire Magazine came into being in the first place: DESIGN.

The design of our publication, which is rich in images and graphic embellishments, is our greatest feature. Long have we reveled in the acclaim of readers and advertisers as to the beauty of our publication. Thus, as we create the first digital versions of our magazines we've employed the use of Adobe's universal Portable Document Format (.pdf) with links included for each advertiser and each website mentioned in articles. Our plan is to offer additional information here at the website for each issue of Faire Magazine, supplementing the magazine (as a website should), not supplanting it as the main product (as we feared it might).  

O P T I O N S   F O R   T H E   R E A D E R .
When we first announced that we were going to create a digital version of Faire Magazine, a lot of readers believed that the digital version would be the only format of the magazine available. NOT SO! The fact is, there will be print versions of most, if not all of the future issues. The only calculating factor in producing the print version will be advertiser involvement. The more advertisers, the more money available to print the copies we need for subscribers. In this way, we'll never be late on a quarterly issue again, at least in the digital platform . . with enough advertisers, the print version will follow suit. This will make it extremely important for readers to give the advertisers feedback in order to maintain their advertising budgets with Faire Magazine. With the print versions availability on an issue-by-issue basis, it would be wrong of us to promise an issue we can't deliver. As said there will be more print issues for those who paid for their subscriptions to the printed version, we ask for your patience.

Not only is each new digital issue free and available for instant download when it appears on the website, but we'll be offering a digital version of each back issue, once a month, through 2013. All of the issues will be in Adobe's .pdf format and will be in the range of 20MB in size and in full color. If you have a digital cable connection or faster, the download will take only a few seconds, if you have slower access to the internet of course the download will take much longer. The digital issues are created directly from the original layout program (Quark Xpress) and will include all of the gorgeous Faire Magazine images and articles exactly as they appear in the printed version. Each advertisement appearing on the page will be linked the that advertiser's website for easy access to their wares. There will also be links from the table of contents page to each article and feature.

Additionally, there will be links from the digital copies to various places on the internet, providing extra content in the form of music, website information, and video.

A D V E R T I S E R   R E W A R D S .
Even though we've barely scratched the iceberg of reaching readers our sister publication The Pyrates Way has had a half-a-million downloads of the issues in less than one year! Thousands of readers enjoying the magazine and "clicking" on the ads.

That's right, all the ads are active links to the respective advertiser's website. Imagine literally hundreds of thousands of new chances for you to move your product or service into the hands of those who need it, just from running advertisements in Faire Magazine, America's Favorite Guide to Ren Faires. As each new issue comes online, the potential for your return on an advertising investment with us in incalculable. We'll bring in the readers and you'll reap the rewards!

More information about why you should advertise with Faire Magazine can be found on our Advertising page along with current stats of Faire Magazine issue downloads and links to online topics to help your business thrive. We can't be successful if you're not, so lets work together.
A D O B E   L I N K S .
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