Making Money Out of Unwanted Books: An AbeBooks Buyback Review

Books seem to be not a marketable commodity nowadays. Instead of reading some classics under a hot summer’s day or instead of being astounded by the medieval flicks on a boring night, this generation would rather open their gadgets and lose themselves in a totally virtual façade. Hence, there is really no much to debate about on why at schools, under the field of Language and Literature alone, most students do not appreciate the icons of the old world. There is no wonder that they do not know the right pairs in history, such that Isolde is to Tristan, Romeo is to Juliet and Helen is to Paris to just name a few.

The good thing about the changing priorities of people is that, a considerable percentage of the population is still considered book lovers. If there were no longer people who still love reading books then soft copies of books would not be available online, or, bookstores could have been long gone and dead, or, book sales, book rentals and book trades must have been for the longest time irrelevant. For this matter, to all book lovers and non-book lovers something great is in store for you; AbeBooks BuyBack Program. They also share some awesome stuff on their pinterest page.

AbeBooks is an online book retail shop which sells hard bound, jacketed books and print media. They have a collection of 140 million books as of 2011 which means that they have more book collection than that of the Library of Congress in the United States. Their collection ranges from school textbooks, review materials, literary pieces, hard to acquire books and almost all of the categories of books that you could imagine. One of the best features of AbeBooks is that, their books are almost all original copies that the author’s signature is there and the paper of literary books are said to really be from the era where photocopy machines and printers were still not around.

It is not undeniable hence that with the existence of several online book retailers, AbeBooks is the trusted one. As a matter of fact, they have a new program for both non-book lovers and book lovers called the BuyBack program. Under this program, non-book lovers and book lovers are encouraged to sell their unwanted textbooks to AbeBooks. We should take note here that this program only accepts textbooks and there are still prerequisites to maintain before selling your textbooks.

The aim of this program is to have a wider collection of book editions for a certain textbook given the fact that not all textbook owners would really want to keep them. There are a lot of people who are in need of textbooks and requirements at school would entail that students buy a particular book in any edition for reference. AbeBooks give prime attention to textbooks with International Editions (ISE books), free or complimentary copies of boos (which could be identified via a stamp on the first or last page) and Annotated Editions or Annotated Instructors’ Editions (AEs or AIEs that could be distinguished through a stamp on the book’s spine). AbeBooks does not buy book editions under Eastern economy or Indian editions as some other online book retailers would.

The book condition is also a very important thing to keep in mind before selling. AbeBooks will only buy textbooks without missing pages, without spine and water damages, without unnecessary markings and vandals, textbooks that were written for a specific school or university, without loose leaf papers, without missing supplemental readings and bibliographies and without marks or answers on the study guides and workbooks.

abebooks marketplaceIf you are now ready to sell your book, you need first to register n BuyBack account. The seller must fill in his name and password. After that, he must put the ISBN of his book, then, he could click on his registered ISBN to check the price of his book. After setting the price, he must ship the book with its shipping label. Shipping is free. AbeBooks will evaluate the textbook and if they accept the book, they will pay the seller via PayPal or check. The seller could receive the payment at three days maximum after the evaluation.

There is so much convenience and transactions happening around us. With the help of the BuyBack Program of AbeBooks, we are given the guarantee that when we could get hold of the textbooks that we need which are most of the time do not have a pdf copy available in Google or elsewhere. We are also given the opportunity as sellers, if we wish to, to share the textbooks that we think are just gathering dusts in our shelves. We do not only free some space in our shelves but we are also helping students and those who are in need of textbooks to get what they have long been looking for.