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R E N A I S S A N C E   F E S T I V A L   L I S T I N G.

This list, of course, will grow and contract as some faires fail and new festivals are added. We update this list with every new issue that we produce a Three-Month Calendar of Events for, so you can rely on the links here being the most accurate on the web. There's nothing worse than clicking on a dead link to a faire you're excited about.

If you don't see a faire here and it should be included please let us know at Please make sure that the faire has accurate information for its upcoming season. If their opening day is less than 90 days away and they've still not updated their site's information, they won't get listed unless you or they tell us! We're pretty strict about active links.

You'll notice that the faires are broken down into three separate pages, Location, Season, and Type. This will give you a varied way of pinning down which faires you want to visit. Each listed event takes you to the corresponding site on the web for more information.

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