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S U B M I S S I O N   P O L I C Y .

We would encourage fledgling photographers and writers a chance to see their work in print. If you're a talented writer or photographer, getting printed in Faire Magazine can proved a wonderful first step to becoming a paid professional.

The subject matter, must be of course, of a Renaissance Faire nature, not historical Renaissance or Medieval unless it has a direct correlation to present day faires. Please note that Faire Magazine does not publish original fiction, poetry, or illustrative art. When submitting articles, art, or photography to Faire Magazine, make sure you've contacted us in advance to make sure we have room for your submission and to verify that we don't have something similar planned.

All submissions are considered "gratis" or "pro bono" (i.e. not paid) unless other arrangements have been made with the publisher well in advance and in writing (see contracting information below). Any submission becomes property of Faire Magazine including e-mails and written correspondence. In submitting your work, you are verifying that this is your own work and not of any other person. You also release Faire Magazine from any indemnity should the work be proven to be plagiarized or incorrectly attributed. By submitting the pieces, you agree to allow Faire Magazine to produce said pieces in perpetuity. These production rights extend to printing, editing, advertising, branding, and other marketing of Faire Magazine in total.


W R I T T E N   W O R D   S U B M I S S I O N S .

Written articles should be have a word count not exceeding 2,000 and delivered digitally as straight .txt (no word or other document forms). All articles submitted to Faire Magazine should contain information that other similar works do not. Remember that this magazine's purpose is to celebrate the Renaissance Faire, not provide historical information, (there are other outlets for such material). Our readers expect an interesting story that informs them as well as appealing to their faire appetite.

This is not to say that works of historical events or figures will not be accepted. We ask you to make the information interesting and appealing instead of scholarly. Faire Magazine audience is made up of those who want to learn more about the adventure of attending Renaissance Faires -- not so much as dates, numbers, and dissertations of a writer's college thesis!


P H O T O G R A P H I C   S U B M I S S I O N S .

Photographs should be submitted to Faire Magazine at a resolution of 300dpi, 8.5" wide, 11" high. Photographs and artwork should be delivered digitally in a .jpg format. Monochromatic photos should be supplied as grayscale uncompressed Tiff images at the size discussed. No photographic prints of any kind will be accepted.

As with written submissions, the photographs must be of a faire nature. Faire Magazine accepts photos from renaissance and medieval events, personalities, background material, and spreads of photographic layouts no bigger than six pages in total.

C O N T R A C T U A L   W O R K S .

This is not saying that qualified, professional, and experienced artists and writers will not get a stipend for their work. Each item is paid on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the publisher. When approved, Faire Magazine pays for articles & fiction at the rate of .05 per printed word (not per submitted word). Photographs are paid at the rate of $25 per piece maximum but can range as low as $5 per piece, depending on size.

Faire Magazine submission information given on this page may change without notice. For more information, please contact Commodore Steve "Sir Black Fox" Kimball, the Publisher at:
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