Fair Trade Produce

It is becoming so important these days, to support fair trade produce so that farmers, workers and the people in the industry are treated fairly and paid what they deserve. It has become common for corporations and profiteers to take advantage.


Fair Trade Retailers

Fair trade has reached beyond production of goods and food. It now also accounts for many retailers that have taken the decision to be more ethical. Even organic clothing brands and retailers are popping up all over the world.


Ethically Sourced Cotton

Cotton workers are often mistreated and not paid properly for their work. They often work long hours and even children are forced to work underage. Organic cotton is also important as it reduces the environmental impact of growing it.



the fair e-mag - for fair choices and industry

The Fair e-Magazine is here to provide up to date information about fair trade suppliers, companies, producers and practices in general. Fair trade is becoming more important due to poor practices of corporations and profiterring companies that have no regard for workers and the environment.



We want to raise awareness with this magazine of issues that have led to fair trade becoming a prominent feature in todays buying trends. We will help you understand why fair trade should really be a trade standard when it comes to commercial markets and industry in general.

understand where your food and other purchases come from

Consumers have a responsibility to know who is making their products and where they are coming from. Little thought is given to who made my, clothes, who farmed my food. Normally, it just comes down to price but that should not be the only consideration when doing your shopping.

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